OEM EN71 Cute Soft Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals For Festival Gifts

OEM EN71 Cute Soft Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals For Festival Gifts

Short Description:

The stuffed alligator is a cuddly companion with a touch of reptilian charm. Its soft, green fabric mimics the scaly texture of a real crocodile, creating a huggable and delightful playmate. Perfect for both children and those young at heart, this plush toy brings a touch of the wild into the world of coziness.


Material:Rabbit fur fabric,stuffed with 100% cotton


Supply Ability:800000 Pieces/Month

OEM:Acceptable,such as logo,size,color and label

Country of Origin:Made In China

Application:Hug,lean on,nap,study and watch movie

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Product Specifications

Product Name OEM EN71 Cute Soft Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals For Festival Gifts
Type Crocodile
Size 23cm(9.06inch)
Color Pink/green/yellow

Sample Time

About one week
OEM/ODM Welcome
Payment Term T/T,L/C
Logo Can be customized
Packing Make as your request
Supply Ability 800000 Pieces/Month
Certification EN71/CE/ASTM/Disney/BSCI

Product Details

Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals 1
Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals 2
Toy Stuffed Crocodile Stuffed Animals 3

product Features


The alligator stuffed animal has three colors:pink/green/yellow

Any other size or colors you need,please contact us, we will design sample for you.

★This crocodile stuffed animal is a sensory delight, its touch irresistibly soft, inviting endless moments of comfort and warmth. Crafted with plush materials, each caress evokes a gentle, cozy sensation. Perfect for cuddles and companionship, this plush crocodile promises a tactile experience that soothes and delights.

★The alligator plush, measuring a convenient 23cm, is designed for easy portability and on-the-go companionship. Its compact size makes it an ideal travel buddy, fitting seamlessly into bags or pockets. This adorable companion ensures that comfort and cuddles are readily available wherever you venture, adding joy to your journey.

★The crocodile stuffed animal makes for a delightful festival gift, combining charm and cuddliness in one adorable package. Its plush design and lovable features evoke joy, creating a memorable and heartwarming present. Whether for children or the young at heart, this crocodile brings festive cheer and snuggly companionship to celebrations.

★The crocodile plush toy doubles as a charming decoration, adding a whimsical touch to any space. Its adorable design and soft texture make it a delightful accent piece for bedrooms, nurseries, or festive displays. With its playful charm, this crocodile effortlessly brings a smile to the decor and a cozy atmosphere to the surroundings.

Produce Process


Why Choose Us

Quality Craftsmanship

Our plush toys are meticulously crafted with a commitment to quality. We prioritize using premium materials, ensuring each toy is not only soft and cuddly but also durable, standing the test of time to provide lasting joy and comfort.


Innovative Designs

Choose us for our innovative and captivating plush toy designs. Our team of creative experts continually develops unique and appealing characters that stand out in the market. From adorable animals to imaginative creatures, our designs captivate hearts and bring smiles to faces.


Safety Assurance

We prioritize safety in every aspect of our plush toy manufacturing process. From the selection of materials to the production methods, we adhere to strict safety standards, ensuring that our toys are free from harmful substances and are safe for all age groups. Trust us for plush toys that prioritize both fun and safety.


1)Q: Are your plush toys safe for children?

A: Yes, our plush toys undergo rigorous safety testing to meet and exceed industry standards. We use non-toxic materials and ensure that our manufacturing processes prioritize the well-being of children. Rest assured, our plush toys are designed with safety as a top priority.


2)Q: Can I customize plush toys for a specific event or theme?

A: Absolutely! We offer customization options to meet your specific needs. Whether you need plush toys for a special event, promotional purposes, or a unique theme, our team can work with you to create bespoke designs that align with your vision and requirements.


3)Q: What is the minimum order quantity for custom plush toy orders?

A: The minimum order quantity for custom plush toys varies based on the complexity of the design and production requirements. Our team is flexible and can discuss your specific needs to determine the most suitable quantity for your custom order. Contact us to discuss your project and receive personalized assistance.

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