What’s The Most Popular Plushies Now? Detachable Turtle And Bee

Recently one stuffed animlas design is very popular which combines with soft turtle and stuffed honeybee.Why is so hot because it has homophonic name called “guimi” which the same meaning as the best girl friend.Best girfriend has one name in chinese is “guimi” which sounds like two thins:”gui” and “mi”.So the designer make two animals together,the tortoise short name is “gui”,and the bee short name is “mi”.


The cute kawaii design make girls love that very much,and many many girls proposed their demand,they want the soft turtle shell only and big enough to put their girlfriend which can’t help laughing,we think this ideal is so funny.So the big soft tortise shell come out and off-couse very hot sell.


Design is an important factor in toy hot sells,the unique design shape can attracte more attention and bring people more warm and happy.The other way is derived from animation such as the Disney animated characters and popular anime and games,the character itself has its own story and image,people want bring it home,that’s why the characters like Frozen,The Lion King,Snow White,Donald Duck etc always so popular,the children like these stories and want to talk with them as friends.


As a vertical setup stuffed animlas manufacterer vendor,except the high ability to produce we also have own design team to make your drawings and ideals coem ture.And what’s more we can recommend more new styles to you to test your market,because we are at YANGZHOU city,the plush toys industry is very important for our city,we have a complete industrial chain.And we believe many experienced customers know our city has a very big international market which called”wutinglong”,from 9 a.m to 5 p.m is very very busy to package soft toys,because yangzhou has many e-commerce operators like Alibaba,Taobao,1688,Pinduoduo,Tiktok etc,they will purchase from this market based on the orders from the platform,this market has many many plushies styles can meet too much requirements and also come out new styles everyday.


As we know from our customers,many of them came to our city before and know “wutinglong” market,we even took some pictures for one of our USA customers because of covid-19 he can not travel to our city and see that again,he’s so missed that.


What’s your ideals and designs of soft toys for your business? Please don’t hesitate to send us,we can custom for you and satisfy you.We have our own sample team,can support you modify and until to approval samples.We have vertical setup process,and timing & action calendar for each order from place order to delivery goods,communicate with you with high efficiency during entire process and no last minute notice.


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Post time: Aug-23-2022