Happy Labor Day

Hello all of our customers,we just resume back to work from 5 days labor holidays,happy Labor Day to everyone again,and wish you all had a nice holiday.


Having spent the holiday means it's almost halfway through the year,as the leader of the company,i arranged a team buliding activity to enjoy the food and conducted a mid-year summary.We had BBQ and enjoyed lobsters which are very popular in this season.All the food are made by ourselves that’s why we enjoyed more.

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In the evening,we were in a public bar,while drinking,and while summarizing the harvest and feelings of the past half year.From the New Year's work to the present,the epidemic situation is a little worse than expected.Fortunately,thanks to everyone's efforts,we have seen the situation is getting better,and soon we will live as before.

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And even in the tough time,our team still can work hard as before,the epidemic is not an excuse for what we can do badly.There are always opportunities in a crisis,as long as we keep our faith,believe in ourselves,and keep working hard,we still can accomplish our goals.


Hard work has always been one of our corporate cultures,this is especially important in the current environment.A very important part of our work is to maintain customers,that means customers services also one of our company cultures.


We always thank our customers to give us opportunites to work together,it’s the biggest trust to us.Whether it is new customers or old customers,big customers and small customers and even friends we still not cooperated yet now,we are all treated equal enthusiasm and profession.


We hope our relationship between our customers are win-win,let's overcome this special period together,and when the epidemic is over,welcome all of our customers friends to China,we will entertain you with delicious food and wine,and enjoy the arrival of spring together.


We are custom design stuffed animals manufacturer,we hope our product will indeed bring you a different experience and bring you some new opportunities.You are welcome to comment and interact with us.

Post time: May-05-2022