Wholesale Cute Soft Oysters Pillow Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion

Wholesale Cute Soft Oysters Pillow Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion

Short Description:

A soft oyster pillow is a luxurious home accessory, inspired by the serene beauty of the ocean. Designed to mimic the shape and hues of an oyster shell, these pillows offer a unique blend of comfort and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from plush, soft materials, they provide a cozy, inviting touch to any room, embodying a sense of calm and relaxation reminiscent of the sea.


Material: Super soft elasticity fabric, stuffed with 100% cotton

Size: 30cm(11.81inch),40cm(15.75inch), 50cm(19.69inch)

Supply Ability: 800000 Pieces/Month

OEM: Acceptable, such as logo, size, color and label

Country of Origin: Made In China

Application: Hug, lean on, study and watch movie

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Product Specifications

Product Name Wholesale Cute Soft Oysters Pillow Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion
Type Oysters
Size 30cm(11.81inch),40cm(15.75inch),50cm(19.69inch)
Color White

Sample Time

About one week
OEM/ODM Welcome
Payment Term T/T,L/C
Logo Can be customized
Packing Make as your request
Supply Ability 800000 Pieces/Month
Certification EN71/CE/ASTM

Product Details

Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion 1
Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion 2
Plush Stuffed Oysters Lifelike Seafood Plush Cushion 3

product Features

★Size: 30cm(11.81inch),40cm(15.75inch),50cm(19.69inch)

The stuffed animal oyster has one colors white

Any other size or colors you need,please contact me,we will design sample for you.

★The parrot soft pillow is made of skin-friendly high quality fabric and stuffed with safe cotton,will bring you a better soft touch.The cute shape parrot is so adorable,your kids will bring this plushies day and night.

★The plush oyster pillow, with its generous size, effortlessly cradles the head and neck, offering unparalleled comfort and support, making it an ideal companion for restful nights or leisurely lounging.

★As a present, this pillow symbolizes warmth and care, its unique design and soft embrace making it a thoughtful and cherished gift for loved ones on any occasion.

★In terms of decoration, the plush oyster pillow adds elegant touch to any space, its distinctive shape and texture infusing rooms with a serene, ocean-inspired ambiance.

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Unmatched Quality and Safety

In the soft toy industry, choosing us means prioritizing the highest standards of quality and safety for your loved ones. Our products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and adhere to international safety standards, making them perfect for children of all ages.


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We stand out in the soft toy industry for our commitment to innovation and sustainability. Our designs are not only unique and engaging, appealing to a wide range of tastes and preferences, but we also use eco-friendly materials and production processes, contributing to the preservation of the environment for future generations.


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1)Q: What materials are commonly used in making soft toys?

A: Soft toys are typically made from materials that are soft to the touch and safe for close contact, including plush fabrics, cotton, polyester fibers, and sometimes eco-friendly or organic materials. These choices ensure the toys are cuddly, durable, and suitable for users of all ages, with an emphasis on safety and hypoallergenic properties.


2)Q: How can I ensure the soft toys I purchase are safe for children?

A: To ensure the safety of soft toys for children, look for products that comply with safety standards and certifications such as ASTM, CE, and other relevant local or international safety regulations. These certifications guarantee that the toys have passed safety tests for materials, construction, and design, minimizing risks such as choking hazards, toxic materials, and flammability.


3)Q: Can soft toys be customized for promotional or personal purposes?

A: Yes, many companies in the soft toy industry offer customization services for both promotional and personal purposes. This can include custom designs, branding for corporate gifts, or personalized touches like embroidery for individual gifts. Customization options vary by manufacturer, so it's best to inquire directly with providers to explore the possibilities for creating unique, personalized soft toys that meet your specific needs or branding requirements.

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