CE OEM Wholesale Custom Dragon Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Chinese New Year Decoration Gift

CE OEM Wholesale Custom Dragon Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Chinese New Year Decoration Gift

Short Description:

The stuffed dragon is a whimsical companion, bringing enchantment to playtime and decor alike. With vibrant colors and soft textures, this cuddly creature sparks the imagination, offering a magical escape to fantasy realms. Whether nestled in a child’s embrace or adorning a shelf, the stuffed dragon toy adds a touch of mythical charm to any space.


Material: Super soft elasticity fabric,stuffed with 100% cotton

Size: 10-45cm(3.94-17.72inch)

Supply Ability: 800000 Pieces/Month

OEM: Acceptable,such as logo,size,color and label

Country of Origin: Made In China

Application: Hug,lean on,study and watch movie

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Product Specifications

Product Name CE OEM Wholesale Custom Dragon Stuffed Animal Plush Toy Chinese New Year Decoration Gift
Type Dragon
Size 10-45cm(3.94-17.72inch)
Color Red

Sample Time

About one week
OEM/ODM Welcome
Payment Term T/T,L/C
Logo Can be customized
Packing Make as your request
Supply Ability 800000 Pieces/Month
Certification EN71/ASTM F963

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Chinese New Year Decoration Gift 2
Chinese New Year Decoration Gift 3
Chinese New Year Decoration Gift 4
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product Features


The dragon stuffed toy has one color is red

Any other size or colors you need,please contact me, we will design sample for you.

★The dragon soft toy is made of skin-friendly high quality fabric and stuffed with safe cotton,will bring you a better soft touch.The cute shape dragon is so adorable,your kids will bring this plushies day and night.

★The stuffed animals dragon,perfectly sized for snuggles,strikes a harmonious balance. Compact enough to accompany bedtime stories, yet substantial for comfort, its dimensions make it an ideal cuddly companion, bringing warmth and enchantment to any embrace.

★Unleash the magic with the gift of a plush toy dragon. Captivating in its whimsy, this plush companion transcends ordinary presents. Whether for a child or fantasy enthusiast, it's a tangible enchantment, fostering dreams and sparking joy.

★Elevate spaces with the charm of a dragon plush toy.Beyond a toy, it transforms into a decorative marvel. Its vibrant hues and mythical allure make it a delightful accent for shelves or beds, infusing any room with a touch of fantasy and cozy elegance.

Produce Process


Why Choose Us

Unmatched Quality

Choose us for plush toys that exceed expectations. Our commitment to top-tier craftsmanship ensures each stuffed creation is made with premium materials, guaranteeing durability, softness, and safety. Experience the luxury of unparalleled quality in every cuddle.


Innovative Designs

Elevate your plush toy experience with our industry-leading designs. We take pride in pushing creative boundaries, offering a diverse range of imaginative characters and themes. Stay ahead of trends and choose from our unique, innovative collection that captivates hearts and sparks joy.


Customer-Centric Approach

Opt for a partner who prioritizes your satisfaction. Our customer-centric philosophy drives us to go beyond selling plush toys; we build relationships. From personalized service to hassle-free returns, choose a brand that values your experience, making us your trusted destination for plush joy.


1)Q: What materials are used in your plush toys?

A: We prioritize safety and quality. Our plush toys are crafted from child-friendly,non-toxic materials,meeting stringent safety standards.Rest assured,our commitment to excellence ensures a soft and secure playtime experience.


2)Q: Can I customize a plush toy for a special occasion?

A: Absolutely! We offer customization services for a personalized touch. Whether it's a unique design, embroidery, or specific colors, our team is dedicated to bringing your vision to life. Contact our customer service for bespoke plush creations.


3)Q: How do you ensure the durability of your plush toys?

A: We understand the importance of longevity. Our plush toys undergo rigorous testing for durability, stitching, and materials. From reinforced seams to high-quality fabrics, we take pride in delivering plush companions that withstand the test of time, ensuring enduring joy for all ages.

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