How one third of the world’s plush toy supply is made?

How One Third Of The World’s Plush Toy Supply Is Made?

Half of the national total and one-third of the global total, this is the supply of plush toys created by Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province.
Since becoming a "National Demonstration City for Small and Micro Enterprise Entrepreneurship and Innovation Base" in 2016,more and more "small businesses" like plush toys in Yangzhou are turning into "big industries".

Do a good job of "supporting", everyone "touch the Internet"

At two o'clock in the afternoon,there was a sound of acoustic tape being torn from Bian Minghua's home in Jinhuai Village,Xihu Town, the northern suburb of Yangzhou.Plush rocking horses are neatly stacked on the floor in the living room, and the sound of Taobao's "didi" can be heard from time to time in the room."The business has been pretty good recently.This is packing and delivering goods to a boss in Zhejiang.Please wait for me for a while." Bian Minghua and his wife explained to reporters while they were busy.

Bian Minghua has opened an online store selling toys for eight or nine years."In the past, the online store was a sideline,but later,the business got better and better,so I became a full-time professional."She said that now she has created the "Blue Fish" toy brand,which has earned her annual income from 10 years ago.Three to five million RMB, the sales are now nearly 20 million RMB, and the net profit is about 10%.

Ma Jiusheng,the mayor of West Lake Town,said that in the past,there were many toy workshops here,and after the traditional industry "touched the Internet",the effect of enriching the people was remarkable.Today, more than 2,000 of the more than 3,000 permanent residents of Jinhuai Village are engaged in the toy e-commerce industry,covering the whole process of production, packaging, order receiving, delivery and logistics.

With more than 1,000 registered toy companies and more than 150,000 employees,plush toys are the most classic industry in Yangzhou. Xie Zhengyi,secretary of the Yangzhou Municipal Party Committee,said that the plush toy industry chain involves multiple links such as raw materials, design,manufacturing,e-commerce,logistics,and brand promotion.It is necessary to comprehensively and systematically sort out every link, not only to lengthen the industrial chain, but also to expand the industry,every link of the chain.

For the toy industry,the town and village governments in Yangzhou organize villagers to conduct relevant business training every year to promote e-commerce into rural areas;and promote the construction of logistics parks,characteristic industrial towns,etc.,to create a better environment for industrial development.According to statistics,with the help of e-commerce,Yangzhou's plush toy industry has accelerated its expansion,and the industrial chain has become more abundant than in the past.The annual online transaction volume alone has reached 7 billion RMB.

Solve "pain points" and attract "phoenix" to live

As a national demonstration city for entrepreneurship and innovation bases for small and micro enterprises,it will receive 660 million RMB in central financial support during the three-year demonstration period,and leverage local financial and social funds to invest billions of RMB. However,it is still a drop in the bucket for small and micro enterprises with a wide range of coverage.Luo Qingshou,deputy director of the Yangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau, believes that it is necessary to make up for the key links and key projects that lead to the whole body."For the plush toy industry, creativity is the key point."

More than a year ago, Li Jiarun,the head of the Hanjiang Branch of the Product Innovation Design Engineering Center of Zhejiang University,came to Yangzhou with the ideal of changing the toy industry with creativity, but was injured again and again by the rampant piracy.After the pain, she co-founded the"Toy Creative Treasure"platform with a company in Beijing.

Li Jiarun said that vicious competition and shopping prices have reduced the speed and level of industry development."Toy Creative Treasure" provides a platform for toy companies and designers to protect intellectual property rights.The designer uploads the design plan, and leaves a legally effective electronic certificate for each idea through the whole process of "marking". "The project stood out from the Yangzhou Plush Toys and Gifts Creative Design Competition, and won bonuses and support policies.Now it has attracted more than 3,000 design works, more than 500 companies have come to 'tao' design, and more and more merchants have gradually accepted the purchase. The copyright of the work is used to produce toys.”

"Where does a prefecture-level city come from so many creative resources?"Luo Qingshou sighed, "Toy Creative Treasure"not only solves the pain points of the industry, but also gathers designer resources from Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other places.

In addition,Yangzhou has also built a toy and gift design service platform,an industrial design public service platform,and a tourism cultural and creative design platform.By holding special events to gather high-quality design resources,it has actually played a role in flexibly introducing talents.

"Three coupons" stimulate the vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship

The reporter learned from an interview in Yangzhou that more small and micro enterprises are entrepreneurship and innovation driven by the "three coupons" of service coupons,innovation coupons,and technological reform coupons.At present, the city has issued 58 million RMB of innovation vouchers,70 million RMB of service vouchers,and 160 million RMB of technical reform vouchers.

He Dongbo,deputy general manager of Yangzhou Mumei Food & Toys Co., Ltd.,said that at the end of last year,he received "service vouchers" and carried out financial and skills training for employees.Yangzhou Mingchen Information Technology Co., Ltd.applied for 50,000 RMB of innovation coupons for R&D investment,and used technology to provide website construction and other services to more than 20 companies, and recovered service coupons worth 200,000 RMB.Xu Meijuan,the company's administrative director, said:"The real assistance has prompted the company to further carry out technical research and enhance competitiveness."

Open up the "last mile" of the "two innovations" policy,so that small and micro enterprises have more "sense of gain" from the policy.Yangzhou has built a city,county and township three-level service system and a "1+N" public service system,which is constructed from the perspective of enterprises.12 service modules such as "I want to consult policies", "I want coupons", "I want financing loans", etc., allow enterprises to enjoy benefits without leaving home.

In addition,the city has pushed forward the reform of the commercial system, implemented "12 certificates in one" and "joint office of nine certificates",implemented online processing of enterprise names and piloted the whole process of electronic registration,and the city's online registration rate has reached more than 95%.

The multi-measures have activated the innovation and entrepreneurship atmosphere of small and micro enterprises in Yangzhou.By the end of 2016, the employment of small and micro enterprises in the city increased by 22% year-on-year, operating income increased by 35% year-on-year,technology contract turnover increased by 59%,and the number of authorized patents increased by 40%.In the first half of 2017,the number of small and micro enterprises in the city soared by about 46,000, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%.

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