What’s The Name Of Your Stuffed Animals?

When i was a child my mom and dad always bought me stuffed animals,but different ages with different functions.When i was below 3 years old,they will bought soft baby toy with gutta percha,bell and sound paper to promote my auditory,visual and tactile growth.


When i was grow up to 3 years old,I can have more choices for the plush toy,and the size is bigger.I still remember the first teddy bear i received when at Children’s Day,i was so happy and excited about that,because the plush teddy bear is very beautiful and soft,and i gave her a name is “Bella”.


Bella is a brown stuffed teddy bear,i liked hugging that and carrying her everywhere when i watched cartoon and played with my friends.They also like her very much,we sometimes treated her like a baby,and fed her and dress up her haha.But sadly i lost her finally,because she accompanyed very long time with me and can not recover her body to original clean and integral.


When i was go to university,i bought a much larger teddy bear for myself,i put her on my bed,when i reading books and sleeping i can hug her.When I also wanted to give her a name,I didn’t hesitate to call her”Bella”,i missed my little Bella and she growed up just liked me.


I have 3 roommates,they all have their own plush toys and also very big can wait back on that,and all of the soft toys have sweety names.Now i have worked for many years,in my office i also have small plushies to accompany with,and not feel lonely anymore.


How about your stuffed animals? Do you give her or him a name?What’s your stuffed animals friends story?I really want to share more plush toys stories with you,come and connect us!


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Post time: Apr-27-2022